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York stag day activity comparison ideas

I know that York is not one of the most obvious choices for a stag weekend, but I had one hell of a fun time here, and I have the bruises and the dodgy Facebook photos to prove it. What I loved about York was that you have loads of stag do activities to choose from, so your whole stag party will be happy. Even the most miserable bastard will have a smile on his face after a weekend here. And if not, wait till he’s asleep and draw one on.

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Top three daytime activities in York

  • Quad biking
  • York Races
  • Off-road karting

The best stag do day activities in York

York is a pretty cool place that has some really fun activities for you guys. Plus, as well as the activities there are also some really nice places to eat and drink here. Anyway, let’s get to business and look at the best that York has to offer.

Rip round the Yorkshire countryside in an off road kart

One of the best things here in York is quad biking. I have done a fair bit of quad biking the last couple of years and I can tell you first hand that these dudes know their stuff. They will take your stag party on a really cool trek that will be a mix of relaxing sections and also some where you really get to cut loose and push the quad bikes to their full potential. Quad biking I find is a great activity as it’s something everyone can easily do.

“Holy crap, it’s the Predator!” was a phrase a mate of mine said during this game of paintball. He wasn’t full of BS either! There literally was a bloke dressed up as the Predator and he was coming like a freaking bat out of hell our way! This place is amazing! They offer a fairly normal and pretty great game of paintball, but as well as that they have people dressing up in costumes like the Predator or a Storm Trooper. Let me tell you this does make the game so much more exciting, fun and memorable.

Next up I have for you a day at YorkMotorSportVillage who offer one of the coolest days of go-karting I have ever been part of. What I love about these guys is that they go above and beyond to really make this like a mini F1 experience. The karts have been all dolled up to make them look like mini F1 cars. The track is really cool and the good drivers in your group will have a blast, but the crappy drivers will not be left too far behind. I just love the whole F1 theme here and think that it makes this the best choice for go-karting in York. 

Put on a tweed jacket, wear some big crap-kicking boots and head to the countryside for an hour of clay pigeon shooting. I love clay pigeon shooting, mainly because I love to fire off a few rounds with a shotgun. Let me tell you, if you have never used a shotgun before, you will remember this for the rest of your life! The guys here are all really nice and they were cool in offering tips and advice to make it easier to hit the target and also to stop you shooting your foot off.

York is home to the famous York Race Course! Here is a way to mix eating, drinking, gambling and a wee bit of rowdy behaviour all in one! A day at the races is not just for the posh (I sure as hell am not posh, and I had a great time), they offer great packages that can get you close to the action or tucked away in a more private area. This is not an obvious choice for a stag do event in York, but if you want to do something a little different then I really recommend you consider this.

It may be a 45 minute (at the most) drive from York, but holy crap, are these off-road buggies mental! Take a quad bike, introduce it to a go kart, give them some cheap cider from the local newsagent and lock them in a room. Nine months later you have a badass off-road buggy. These things are so freaking fast it’s just insane, and they can turn on a five pence piece as well! My whole group just loved these and they are certainly different from regular go-karts and quad bikes! There are certain day activities that are just tailor-made for a stag do, and this is one of them.

Have an exciting day out at York races

Some more of what York has to offer!

Here are a few more of the… let’s just say ‘less than obvious’… stag do day activities here in York.

First up I have something for you guys who love action, which is laser tag.  Let me tell you, this is not just for kids! These laser guns are awesome and really accurate, and best of all there is no running out of ammo here! You will be waging war in this really cool little abandoned village that they have built. Plenty of places to run, hide and plan an ambush! For something like paintball, but a little different, check out laser tag.

Many stag groups like to do something on the physical side (what you do in your hotel room is your business, by the way), so I think spending some time indoor rock climbing is a freaking great idea. Indoor rock climbing is a lot of fun and can be done no matter the weather, and it’s always (well, to me at least) more relaxed than the real thing. These guys have some great instructors who will help you out and advise on what rock wall you should try.

For something really crazy, check out zorbing. Zorbing is becoming one of the most popular stag weekend activities here in the UK, and after my first try I know why! Zorbing is all about balls (hey, come on!). You go inside these balls either in your clothes or a swim suit as they can put some water in there to give you the washing machine effect. From there you roll around like a hamster on speed, slamming into your friends or just rolling around like crazy. This is a fun and absolutely knackering way to spend an hour or two.

York is a really cool place and one way to see a bit more of it is with a treasure hunt! Split into teams and then follow the clues to see which team will find their treasure first! This is over the top and crazy and can be made even more fun if you dress up in some kind of costume: Darth Vader, The Hulk, Batman or even a chick! Dressing up seems to make this already fun activity that little bit more crazy!

Doing the right thing in York

To save you time looking, going to bad places or just doing stuff that puts a downer on your stag weekend, I have a wee guide to make your time in York run smoothly.

 Where to eat at breakfast time

I had a fantastic full English breakfast at Melton’s Too, which was actually recommended to us by a local at the place we were staying. I was full to the brim and ready for what York was going to throw my way!

Lunch in York

Now, on a stag weekend you need to eat something manly, and for that I say burgers should be the meal of choice! The Gourmet Burger Kitchen offer some amazing burgers. They have some really exotic ones with a tonne of extras thrown in, or you can just have a good old-fashioned plain burger if you want. Oh, and the burger patties they use here are freaking huge!

Taxi firms in York

Before my first visit to York I was sure this was the kind of place people used a horse and carriage for transport. But actually, getting a cab here is very easy. There are many different taxi firms, such as Streamline Taxis and the good folks at http://www.yorkstationtaxis.co.uk/">Station Taxis. I was actually surprised at how many taxi firms there are here.

Is there a time to avoid York?

There’s not actually any time I would say that York is horribly overcrowded. So I would say that you are pretty much free to come here anytime you want and not have a tonne of people get in your way.

Sport in York

York has a professional football team who, at the time of writing, are in League 2: they are York City. If rugby is more your thing, then York is home to the  York City Knights.

Are there festivals in York?

It would blow your mind to know just how many festivals are held in York! I mean, Jesus Christ, how many festivals does one place need? From arts to music to food to other random, weird stuff, York has something going on all the time. One thing that I thought did sound interesting was their small music festival, The Little Festival Of Live Music. Now, you are not getting huge, multi-platinum selling bands here, but you get to hear some interesting local music.

What if I get a boo boo and need a pharmacy?

If you do find that you need a pharmacy (I mean, this is a stag do and I have suggested some pretty cool activities, so who knows what the hell could happen!), your best bet for finding some bandages and not bleeding all over the pavement is Monkbar Pharmacy, who are open until 10:30pm.