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The Best York Hen Day!!!

The old timey city of York is actually one of the up and coming cities when it comes to locations for a great hen weekend. Many people are surprised at just how action packed a York hen day can be! Well keep on reading and you will see why so many fun loving ladies are making their way here for their hen do!

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The Best Hen Day Activities In York

  • Pole Dancing Lesson
  • Canoeing
  • High Ropes Course

The Best York Hen Day Ideas!

Check out all these amazing, York hen day ideas! I am sure that you ladies will have a great time at more than a few of these places!

Pole Dancing Lesson

Learn how to be a seductive, sex goddess and have a great time with your friends in the process! Pole dancing is a great York hen day idea as it offers you ladies the chance to be silly, have a laugh and be together all at the same time. The idea here is not to turn you into professional pole dancers! It is all about you just having a good time, getting your sexy on and laughing at each other’s “sexy” moves! I am sure by the end of the session that you will certainly have a respect for people who do this all the time! And you will probably also be sore from all the laughing and crazy dancing that you have been doing!

Canoeing & Kayaking

Next up I have a fun outdoorsy activity for you fine ladies. This is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy nature. Offering either, Canoeing & Kayaking what one you do depends on what kind of experience you are after. Canoeing is more for you laid back types who want to have some fun, but it a more relaxed way. Think of it as going on a nice trek along the water. Kayaking is more fast paced and action packed! This is for you ladies who are looking for something a wee bit more adventurous during your York hen weekend. Both of these though are a lot of fun and I can assure you that you will get very wet!

High Ropes Course

Conquer your fears as you take part in this intense and awesome, high ropes course! This is a great hen day activity and the idea of this is that it is pretty much just like an obstacle course, but it is high up in the air! You will have safety gear on and be with an instructor at all times so it is perfectly safe, but this can still be a nerve shredding experience! But that is what makes it such a great activity for a hen group. As you can encourage and help each other through it. With ladders, zip lines, high beams, walls and many other things to deal with. This is a high ropes course that does not mess around!

Treasure Hunt

Have some fun as you and your friends run around, York like maniacs trying to solve all of the clues, riddles and puzzles that are part of this awesome, treasure hunt! This is a treasure hunt that will be tailor made for you hen group. With all kinds of tricky things to use your detective skills with! You can either all work together as a large group or you can make this a little more interesting by splitting up into teams and trying to beat each other to the prize. You can add in pub stops and fancy dress to make this amazing, York hen day activity even more fun!

Quad Bike Trek

This is one of the most fun quad biking treks that I have been on! The staff here were first of all amazing and did a great job in making sure that  everyone knew what they were doing on these quad bikes. The actual track was really cool and it was perfect for our group as most of the people had never ridden on a quad bike before. This course has been made so that pretty much anyone can have a go. You ladies will get very dirty, wet and very excited as you are flying over the mud, going through the puddles and really tearing the track up!

Laser Tag

While paintball is a fun thing to do it does have a few “issues” laser tag on the other hand offers you ladies all the fun of a game of paintball, but it does not have the problems that paintball does. To start with there is no pain! Well if you run into the wall it still hurts, but getting shot with a laser is totally painless. Also you will never run out of ammo! Running out of ammo is one of the more frustrating things about paintball! Above all else this is just a great York hen day idea as it really is nonstop fun from the moment you start. Being split into teams is just the start of your day as then it is time to go all out and shoot down your friends to make sure you are on the winning team!

Wow Here Are Even More Awesome York Hen Day Ideas!

That is right my sexy ladies!!!! York has even more fun and outrageous things for you to get up to during your hen weekend!

Rock Climbing

I know when some people first hear, rock climbing they think, no way! But here they cater to people of all skill levels which makes it perfect for a hen group. Rock climbing is a lot of fun and it’s the kind of activity that really does give you a huge confidence boost when you do it. They have small walls for those of you, new to this or who are a little nervous. But for you ladies who think you could be the next Spider-Woman they have some very large walls for you to try and scale. This is an hen day activity that can bring you closer together as well as giving each other encouragement can help get up the wall. 

York Race Course

Now here is a fun day out! York Race Course is a great way for you to have some nice food, drink a ton of wine and maybe even win a little money with a spot of gambling. Also this is a great opportunity to get all dolled up in a totally over the top “race day” outfit if you want as well! You can either get your own private little booth where you can enjoy the racing from a higher vantage point. Or you can get nice and close to the action! It just depends on what kind of day you are after. This is not your normal kind of hen day activity so if you are looking for things to make your day a little different then this is perfect.  

Clay Pigeon Shooting

No this is not just for blokes who think they are cool or old grumpy men! Clay pigeon shooting is actually getting very popular with ladies looking for something different for their hen weekend. The instructors are great and will teach you ladies how to safely handle a nice big and hard gun (sorry that attempt at humour was terrible!) they will also show you the right way to shoot which will mean you actually have a good chance of shooting the clays instead of just hitting air all the time. This is a very fun activity and when you hit your first target, you will feel like you are the ultimate kick ass chick!

Thai Spa Day

Lastly I have for you a way to really relax, unwind and a way to lose all your stress! I am talking about a few hours in heaven at this awesome, Thai Day Spa. They offer the kind of treatments that you would expect from a day spa with your relaxation type treatments and beauty treatments. But everything has a Thai twist which is just really cool and different from your normal type of day spa. They do the same things as a regular day spa here, but just a little bit different. A day here will not only make you look and feel just totally, freaking amazing, but it will also make your York hen weekend very memorable. 

Check Out This Important Information About Having A Hen Do In York!

I have gone the extra mile and come up with a fun little guide that lets you in on the need to know stuff and ignores the boring things that really no one cares about!

Best Place For Breakfast In York

The reason that I am telling you ladies to go to, The Brew & Brownie is that they offer the best “sweet” type of breakfast in the city” beagles, scones and pancakes are all served here and if you ask me there is no better way to start your hen day!

Where To Have A Nice Lunch In York

You really cannot go wrong with a nice three course meal at The Bella Italia. This nice, Italian has pasta, spaghetti and of course pizza just to name a few of the things that are on their menu. The price is amazing for the amount of food you get and there is just a really nice and friendly atmosphere here. 

A Good Taxi Firm

If your heels have broken, your legs are too tired or maybe you have had a few to many cocktails! No matter the reason you need a taxi, Fleetways Taxis will take good care of your. 

Is There A Bad Time To Come Here?

Even though this is a popular tourist city, York is actually never that “busy” where you are struggling to move or get into places. So there is never really a time when I would say it’s a bad idea to book a York hen weekend.

The Best Festival In York!

I was actually surprised at just how many festivals the city of York has during the year! One though that is fun is the York Food Festival which celebrates all things food and drink and if you like to eat and drink as much as I do. Then it will be a very nice little bonus if your hen do is when this is on!

How To Cure Your Pounding (Hangover Induced) Headache!

Let’s face it with the list of activities I have suggested plus the fact you ladies will be throwing back the wine and cocktails during the day. There is a chance you may need a pharmacy during your hen weekend. Well do not be too worried as York has a number of pharmacies such as the awesome, Badger Hill Pharmacy where all the staff dress as badgers…….. well not really, but how cool would it be if they did?