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Nottingham Hen Day Ideas

Nottingham can be a tough sell to the rest of your friends at first, but I’m here to tell you that it’s actually a great city and it’s really underrated as a hen do destination. It has some of the most fun outdoor-type activities for you to try and I’m sure you ladies will have a tremendous time here. So please keep on reading and see just what this city has to offer.

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The Top Three Hen Day Activities In Nottingham

  • Relaxing Day Spa
  • Zorbing
  • White Water Rafting

Here are the most popular hen day activities in Nottingham

Please note that dressing up as Maid Marion is entirely optional for all these amazing Nottingham hen day ideas!

Let’s start your Nottingham hen weekend by making sure you have all the stress of your working week massaged out of you and perhaps get some beauty treatments as well. A few hours (or even a whole day) spent at this day spa is just a brilliant way of getting yourself into a more relaxed frame of mind for your crazy hen night! And, of course, thanks to the wonderful variety of beauty treatments that they have on offer here, you can also make sure that you turn the guys’ heads when you go to the club.

I’ve become a huge fan of zorbing over the last couple of years. It basically involves you getting inside this huge ball and then rolling around as if you’re a hamster that has been let loose on its wheel. You’ll be ‘zorbing’ down this huge track that is full of crazy twists and turns that will really make you spin. A huge part of the fun is crashing into your friends and watching them roll away. This is just a great experience and an awesome way to spend an hour … just make sure that you eat AFTER this activity and not before!

Next up is a really fun day of wet and wild white water rafting! I’ve done this in a few places now and I reckon Nottingham has the best ‘man-made’ white water rafting course I’ve been on. The course is really cool and it’s good for newcomers to white water rafting but also challenging enough for those who have done it before. It’s loads of fun and something a little out of the ordinary which is the type of activity I always recommend for a hen weekend.

When it comes to sporting activities for a hen do, archery is the number one most popular choice all over the country. Well, what I’ve got for you is an amazing day of target shooting! This is a fun three-in-one day of archery, air rifle shooting and slingshot shooting! While many ladies are attracted by the archery, the other two sports just enhance the experience. I was surprised at how much fun the slingshot was! And then there’s the gun, let me tell you if you have kids they’ll think you’re really cool when you tell them you’ve been shooting!>

If you fancy finding out about the perfect way to really take your love of cocktails to the next level, then try a cocktail making masterclass! This is a must-do activity on any hen weekend! A bartender will tell you how you should be mixing the ingredients and what makes a tasty cocktail but, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own drinks! You may very well create the best drink in the land or you may make something that tastes better coming up than it did going down (if you know what I mean!).

Nottingham is home to the National Water Sports Centre and this is the perfect place to enjoy some kayaking and canoeing action! I love both of these sports and which one you try will depend on the type of person you are. I see canoeing as a laid-back and relaxing little jaunt along the river whereas kayaking is a thrillseeker’s paradise and more manic and crazy for those of you who want a little bit more excitement. Truth be told, both of these are a lot of fun and either one would make a good hen do activity. 

Even More Nottingham Hen Day Ideas

You didn’t think I was going to stop at just six activities did you? Here are four more popular and fun Nottingham hen day ideas for you to try.

If you don’t mind getting all dirty and sweaty and maybe a few bruises here and there, then you’ll have to try some paintballing. What’s so cool about this is that paintballing has evolved from people just running around the woods with guns! This is all about having a special experience and you’ll be acting out some really cool game scenarios. For example, we played this awesome Tomb Raider game that was set around a pyramid with mummy statues and all kinds of other cool stuff. They have about six different game scenarios to play and it really does make paintballing that much more exciting.

Next up is something that’s really going to push you ladies to the limit – indoor rock climbing! This is heaps of fun and something I’ve done many times before. But, when I first tried it, to say that I needed a new pair of pants would be an understatement! The people here are really cool and they’ll make sure that you’re safe and that you tackle a wall that is suitable for you. So even if you’ve never done this before or if you’re like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, you’ll have a great time here. 

Why not show your more seductive and downright sexy side with a fun pole dancing lesson? This is a huge hit up and down the country and pole dancing guarantees a wild time to girls on a Nottingham hen weekend. You can dress sexily if you want and learn all sorts of sensual dance moves that you’ll be able to use in the club later that night. Having a go on the pole is a lot of fun and it’s also pretty addictive with many people actually taking this up as a way of keeping fit … I don’t mean as a profession but you’ll have a new-found respect for women who do this on a nightly basis!

Okay, so last of all I’ve got something that anyone can do – go karting! This is a really cool place to go for some go karting action because they’ve got both indoor and outdoor tracks. These go karts are really fast and anyone can drive them in no time at all. You’ll be allowed to do a few practice laps to make sure you know how they work and then it’s time to rock and roll with an actual race! Will you be the one standing tall on the podium with bubbly in your hand? There’s only one way to find out!

Some Need-To-Know Information About Nottingham

Here are a few places and pieces of information that will make your Nottingham hen day just that little bit more amazing!

A Nice Breakfast In Nottingham

I was actually told about the fabulous Warsaw Diner by a friend and it truly was fantastic! This is an American-style diner and the scrumptious breakfasts are just what you’d expect – bacon, coffee or waffles covered in syrup (my favourite!). You won’t get a much healthier breakfast than waffles with syrup!

Where To Go For Lunch

The best place to go to make sure that even the fussiest member of your hen party will not whinge is Peachy Keens. This is an all-you-can-eat buffet with around 40 different choices so there’s something for everyone, and you can even eat until you’re ready to burst!

Is It Easy To Get A Taxi?

Getting a taxi in Nottingham is nice and simple and there are loads of different firms offering a 24/7 service such as Central Cars and Trent Cars.

When To Avoid Coming To Nottingham

Honestly, I would say you can come to Nottingham all year round. If you have your heart set on going to the National Water Sports Centre, remember that some of its activities may not be running during the winter months so please take this into consideration.

Any Good Festivals In Nottingham?

The best festival is The Nottingham Waterfront Festival which is a charity festival which has tons of live music and other cool stuff going on. You can have a really good time here and the fact that it’s all for charity just makes it even better.

Where Can I Find A Pharmacy In Nottingham?

There are a few different pharmacies in and around Nottingham so getting what you need is not going to be difficult. Asda has a pharmacy and you can also get loads of other stuff while you’re there!