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The Best Liverpool Stag Day!!!

Alright, calm down lad! Liverpool is one of the craziest cities in the whole country. So you know that a hen weekend here is going to be mental. Here I have for you’re the ultimate way to make sure you gents have the best Liverpool stag day that is humanly possible! A stag weekend in Liverpool is for you guys who like to get a bit crazy and just have a great time! A weekend here is one that will be etched in your memory banks for every!

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The Best Stag Day Activities In Liverpool

  • Paintballing
  • Quad Biking
  • Rock Climbing

Check Out The Best Liverpool Stag Day Ideas!

A Liverpool stag day is one that is so action packed that you better bring a clean pair of pants!


At only 15 minutes away from Liverpool, The Paintball Zone is a place that must be part of your Liverpool stag weekend! This is the number one Liverpool stag day idea and the most popular stag activity in the country! Paintball offers everything a group of guys could want. It is fast, it is dirty, it lets you play with guns, it lets you look like a badass and best of all you can shoot your mates and watch them wince in pain! Paintball is a great laugh and I promise that the war you gents have here will be something you talk about for a long time!

Paintballing is still the most realistic of all the shooting activities

Quad Biking

Here is a really cool stag day idea! A quad biking trek is the perfect way to get outdoors, ride on a beast of a machine……… and hopefully watch one of your mates ride into a bush! Your quad bike trek will be spread over acres and acres of land. The “course” will really test just how much punishment these quad bikes can take with all kinds of natural obstacles getting in your way. There is a huge ass branch in the middle of the path, do you ride around it? Or do you drive over that damn branch like a boss! This is a lot of fun and an activity that is quick and easy to pick up so you will be straight to the action!

Awesome Walls Rock Climbing

Any place that has awesome in its name is….. well awesome in my book! Awesome Walls Rock Climbing Centre is the best place to climb like you are Spider-Man. Hey you can even wear a Spider-Man costume when you do this and you are really in for a great time. Here you will get to tackle a number of different walls. The have some smaller walls for you guys who are not too keen on heights, but they do also have some really big walls! You can climb up the walls strike a pose and get a mate to take a picture….. or you can take pictures of your mate who is half way up the wall and clinging to it for dear life! Trust me a couple of hours here is an awesome Liverpool stag day idea.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

As this is Liverpool, you need to be handy with fire arms…. I am joking, relax! Being serious though just outside Liverpool is this amazing place where you can “bust a cap” in some clay pigeon asses! Clay pigeon shooting is not just for old farts! It is also for you guys who since you first saw Arnie hold a gun in Terminator, dreamed of firing off a few rounds with a gun! These guns have some serious power behind them and the instructor as well as making sure none of you shoot each other. Will also teach you the right way to shoot. Once your session is over you can all smile as you will officially be a higher percentage of badass than before you started!

Another classic outdoor activity for a day out in Liverpool

Zorb Football

Put a giant bubble on the top half of your body and recreate the Stevie Gerrard slip…….. what still too soon? Just joking Liverpool fans! Anyway, Zorb Football is the craziest and most insane way to play football.  While you will want to make sure that your team wins and that you score some amazing goals. However the real draw of a game of Zorb Football is that you can knock your mates over and watch as they flip about trying to get back up. This is just such a great Liverpool’s tag day idea and perfect even if you have people who are not huge football fans. As they can have a laugh running into and knocking people over!

4X4 Off Road Driving

Jesus Christ was this an mental day! I have done some 4X4 Off Road Driving and none have compared to this. Yes the cars that you will be driving do kick all kinds of ass, but the main reason this was so much fun was the course that we were driving on. The people here are freaking crazy! And they are not shy about putting their 4X4’s to the ultimate test. I swear I had to drive through….. I want to say puddle, but it was more like a mini pond! That was so deep I was sure we were going to get stuck! Ridiculously steep inclines, sharp turns, bridges and so much more crazy stuff will be in your way. This is a great day out and one that I highly recommend for you lads.  

Go Even Madder For It With These Liverpool Stag Day Ideas!

Liverpool is a really fantastic city for your stag weekend and to prove it I have even more Liverpool stag day ideas for you.

The Beatles Story

Now never in a million years would I suggest that a “museum” is a good Liverpool stag day idea, but when it is about one of the greatest bands of all time, The Beatles I will make an exception. If Liverpool is known for one thing it is the Beatles. And at The Beatles Story you guys will go back in time (not actually go back in time, time travel is still not possible) and see the story of The Beatles from their beginnings to the end! This is a fantastic attraction and one of the best things you can do in Liverpool! Even those in your group who have zero appreciation for good music will find The Beatles Story fascinating.

Anfield Stadium Tour

No matter what your personal opinions of Liverpool Football are there is no getting away from the fact that they are one of the most important, influential and decorated football clubs in history. One really interesting thing that you can do here is go for an amazing, Anfield Stadium Tour. Anfield is a great stadium. It is one of the few remaining really classic, top flight stadiums and if you believe the rumours, Anfield may not be around in a few years. So take the chance while you can to see this amazing stadium where some of the best nights in football history have happened. While some like to mock Liverpool for not winning the league titles for years. When you see their trophy section I assure you, you will never say another word about Liverpool not winning the league for so long! The trophy room here is just breath taking.

Get your group together for an outing to a casino in Liverpool


Isn’t this the type of thing you do on a stag night? Is what I am sure a few of you are asking. Well yes it is, but there is no law that says you cannot make a day of it at this awesome, casino. This is a lot of fun and no matter if you want to play it safe and just put a few quid in the slot machines. Or if you fancy yourself as some kind of poker wizard and want to try your hand at that, you blokes can have a lot of fun here. One thing that makes this a great Liverpool stag day idea is that they have a nice restaurant and bar here so you can mix in a wee bit of gambling with a few drinks and a nice meal.

Hollywood Bowl

Go old school with an afternoon of ten pin bowling at the Hollywood Bowl. Now I know there will be a few of you who think you are “too cool” for a game of bowling. But this is just such a great stag weekend activity for a group of lads who want to enjoy a few beers, do something competitive and do something where taking the piss out of each other is part of the game then that is what you have with bowling! As an activity this is on the cheap end of things to do during a Liverpool stag day and you can have some nice, greasy bowling alley style lunch as well.

The Things You Need To Know When You Come To Liverpool For A Stag Do!

With this guide, you lads can save all kinds of drinking time by knowing where to eat, what is a good taxi firm and much more!

A Nice Big Fat, Full English Breakfast

Nothing helps ease off a hangover and gets you ready for the day like a gigantic, full English breakfast. Bills offers a truly delicious and filling full English breakfast that will get you lads ready for whatever, Liverpool is going to throw your way.

Where To Go For Lunch

City Buffet is a great oriental style, all you can eat buffet. To me it is the lunch time meal of a stag day when you really want to fill up as that way you do not have to waste any time during your stag night eating! Here they have just a great choice of food and it’s up to you guys what you want to eat which means it’s perfect for a group with  fussy eater or two in it!

A Good Taxi Firm In Liverpool

I am sure at some point during your Liverpool stag day you will need a cab. This is a city that has plenty of taxi firms to pick from so getting one is never going to be that hard, but if you want my recommendation (which I am giving you, no matter if you like it or not!) I suggest you give the classy, Excel Private Hire a call who like to brag they offer the lowest fares in the city. 

Sport In Liverpool

Well we already mentioned Liverpool FC up above, but there is also Everton who offer a stadium tour and are actually one of the few teams to have never been relegated from the Premier League. 

Is There A Time To Avoid Liverpool?

Not really, I mean this is a University city that already has a large population so it is always going to be busy. So to be honest I would not say that there is any time here that is just so busy you want to go crazy and start drop kicking people out of your way. 

A Rocking Good Festival

The biggest and most awesome festival in Liverpool is the Liverpool International Music Festival which happens every summer and is just fantastic!

Doing A DIY Medical Job (Finding A Pharmacy In Liverpool)

A Liverpool stag day is going to be full of craziness and if one of you does get hurt then take a trip to Davey's Chemist where you can get what you need to fix yourself up and continue to party on!