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The Best Liverpool Hen Day!!!

Liverpool is actually one of the most under rated hen day locations. For some reason many people overlook Liverpool when they are planning their hen weekend. Well once you have read this you will see that a Liverpool hen day is something that will be a lot of fun for everyone involved!

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The Best Hen Day Activities In Liverpool

  • Pole Dancing Party
  • Archery & Crossbow Shooting!
  • Cocktail Making Experience

Check Out The Best Liverpool Hen Day Ideas!

These are the most asked about Liverpool hen day ideas! All of these are a lot of fun so no matter which ones you pick, you will have a fun time with all of these!

Pole Dancing Party

One fantastic Liverpool hen day idea that will actually help the bride out (on her wedding night!) is a fun, pole dancing party! Now you may think that is all about getting naked and just twirling round a pole, but it is not. Pole dancing is a fun and sexy activity that is also one hell of a workout. Here though, pole dancing is all about having a wild and crazy time to send the bride to be off in style. There will be a lot of laughs here and some bruised bums as well. Mixing sexy and funny together is a recipe for a fun time!

Archery & Crossbow Shooting!

One of the most asked about hen day activities is archery!  This is such a great sport and it is ideal for a hen weekend as it is nice and easy for pretty much anyone to pick up. The staff here are great and will make sure you all know what you are doing, being safe and having fun as well. What is particularly awesome about here is that as well as archery, you ladies will have the opportunity to try out some cross bow shooting! If you want to feel like a real hard core super hero then firing a few bows with the cross bow is the way to do it!

Cocktail Making Experience

When a group of ladies come to Liverpool for a hen weekend, you can bet that the cities, cocktail consumption goes up a heck of a lot! But as well as drinking cocktails, you ladies should head to the Mojo Bar and take part in this brilliant, cocktail making experience. You will be mixing, stirring and throwing mixers in the air (please do not do that!) with the best of them as you do your best Tom Cruise and make some nice cocktails…… or at the very least some passable cocktails. With an actual bartender teaching you the ropes, you ladies will be having a great time here and you of course will be getting to have more than a few samples as well. 

Day Spa

For hours of relaxation the best place in Liverpool is The Olympus Health Club & Spa.  A nice relaxing massage is the perfect way to work out the stress of your work week. And if you want to make sure your skin sparkles when you go to the club during your hen night then get a facial treatment! One thing that is actually a lot of fun here is to just kick back in the hot tub, gossip and have a lot of laughs with your best friends……… this is what a hen weekend should be all about! You girls coming together have a great time!

Burlesque Dancing Lesson

If you do not want to do the whole “pole dancing” thing then another fun and sexy activity for you ladies is a Burlesque dancing lesson! Wow will you girls have one hell of a fun time here. This is one of the most asked about Liverpool hen day ideas the last couple of years and with good reason too. Here you will learn and get to perform a sexy burlesque dance number and you will be able to get all dressed up in hot and sexy clothing that looks like it is from the movie, Moulin Rouge.  So come here, do not take it all serious and have a good laugh…… that is what this is all about!


Look I know that a game of paintball is something that you would normally put with a stag weekend. But ladies let me tell you this is perhaps the most fun you can have with your clothes on…… ok maybe going a bit too far! But a game of paintball is sure to get you all laughing, sweating and probably doing a lot of swearing as well. This is indoor paintballing so you will not get all caked in mud like you would if you were running around in the woods like you do with outdoor paintball. The staff here are just such great people and they love hen groups and will really do all they can to make certain you ladies have a fun time. 

Even More Really Cool Liverpool Hen Day Ideas!

Liverpool is a fun city and it is so much fun that I have even more cool things for you ladies to do during your Liverpool hen weekend.

Circo Restaurant

I had to put this place here because I have simply never experienced anything like the dining experience we had at Circo Restaurant . This place is themed after an old timey, creepy, gothic circus. Think of a Tim Burton movie and that is the kind of vibe that this place has. The food was really nice, but it’s the decor on the walls and the general atmosphere of the place that just captivates you. They host a whole ton of events from freak shows to strip shows. Honestly I can say with my hand on my heard I have never dined in a place like this!

Treasure Hunt

See all the cool buildings, tourist locations and other famous spots in Liverpool as part of this fun and over the top, treasure hunt. They offer a variety of different types of treasure hunts for you to play. One is a more “high tech” type of adventure where you need to use a GPS, iPad’s, tablets and other forms of “tech” in order to find your way through the city. Another one that they offer is more old school where you will need to use your noggins to figure out clues and solve some complex puzzles in order to figure out where you go next! This is a great hen day idea and it is something I think would really fit in well with your Liverpool hen weekend.

Quad Biking Safari!

Now this is something cool and a little bit different! A quad biking safari is not about you ladies racing each other or seeing who is the best rider. It is about first of all learning how to ride these awesome quad bikes. But it is also about getting into the woods, putting these quad bikes through their paces and seeing some pretty amazing and beautiful spots in the woods.  The guides are more than happy to stop if you ladies see any cool places that are perfect for a goofy selfie opportunity. This is a fun and exciting activity that is just perfect for your time in Liverpool.

Another classic outdoor activity for a day out in Liverpool

Record Your Own Song

This is a very popular Liverpool hen day activity! This is where you get the chance to pretend you are Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears or whoever you looked up to as a kid. This is a proper recording studio with actual music producers who will transform you ladies into the next all female super group!. You will then get to pick from a he list of songs, head into the studio and record your own song! This is just such a good time it is unreal! The staff here are a lot of fun and will do all they can to make you sound………. As good as they can (come on they are not miracle workers!) Once you are done, you each get your own CD with your “hit” song on it! This is nice as it means you have a fun little reminder of your hen weekend together. 

A Few Pieces Of “Essential” Information About A Liverpool Hen Day!

I have some information for you ladies down below which will help you out immensely during your Liverpool hen weekend!

For A Nice Breakfast Go To

The Interesting Eating Company! These guys serve up some of the most amazing pancakes I have every stuffed into my mouth. They say all this stuff about how they are gluten free, healthier…. Blah, blah, blah. All that matters is that they make the tastiest pancakes in the whole of Liverpool and breakfast here is a great way to start your hen day!

A Good Place To Go For Lunch Is

The Bella Italia yes I am aware that is a “chain” but sometimes you just want a place where you know you are going to get good food for a decent price and that is what you get here at this awesome Italian. Their three course meal offers great value and they have a good range of food to keep everyone happy!

What Taxi Firm To Use?

A Liverpool hen weekend will require you ladies to use a taxi so make sure you use one of the good firms like, Alpha Taxi who offer a good 24/7 service. So when those cocktails take effect and your legs simply refuse to work…… or at least work in the right way, give them a call.

Is There A Bad Time To Have A Hen Weekend Here?

Well Liverpool is a very busy city, but if there was a time when you ladies might find it a bit much it is when the Merseyside Football derby happens. It is only a couple of times per year, but the city goes even more football crazy than usual! So if you do not want to see an above number of fat blokes in football shirts, you might want to avoid the city during the day of the derby.

What Is The Best Festival In Liverpool?

Liverpool is not a huge “festival” type of city to be honest with you, but the main one it does have is amazing! The Liverpool International Music Festival is one hell of a wild time and they get bands from all over the world and from all genres of music to play here. Planning your hen party around being able to come to this festival sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Ugh I Feel Sick!!! (Where You Can Find A Pharmacy In Liverpool)

Hey I know that during a Liverpool hen weekend the alcohol seems to flow  little more easier and frequently than a regular night out. So if you do need a little “over the counter” help easing your hangover then there is a huge Asda that has a late night pharmacy in it.