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Fancy saving Hundreds of ££’s on your stag or hen party?.. then read on…..

If you are considering organising your stag and hen yourself ‘’ is your dream come true. have brought together thousands of activities, accommodation options and accessory suppliers to make your stag or hen do go off with a bang. Not only that you ought to save a few quid along the way. Our recent Price Checker found an average  saving of £262.11 (see price checker) by using

Do not underestimate the task of booking a stag or hen weekend for a broad range of people. It is vital that you shop around to get the best deals and also to get the best activities. As the organiser all eyes are on you if things go wrong. So, keep an eye on deals and make sure you read the supplier reviews.

Add to this the complication of booking everything in a town or city that you have little knowledge of…… a recipe for things to go wrong, especially when you throw loads of alcohol into the equation.

Fear not, is here to help.

  • With loads of different activities to give you the fantastic ideas you need to get started.
  • Independent reviews so you can see first hand if the stuff you are looking at is any good.
  • Great deals on offer directly from suppliers.
  • No middleman.
  • Stag and hen destination guides.

Aaarrrggghhh, what do I do next?

Don’t panic although the process of booking your own stag or hen party can be a daunting time. There are some easy to follow rules that will help you along the way.

  • Think about your location and check availability. Remember the deals on offer are not always available. So, it is worth getting your deal codes early and getting in touch with suppliers to check availability.
  • Choose a few options and put them to the bride/groom to be. Or, if you are keeping your party plans a secret make sure you involve other people from the wedding party in your decision.
  • Remember the hotel costs change all the time so if you spot a good deal, book it. Look out for accommodation available to book on a flexible basis so you can adjust your numbers later.
  • Try to avoid paying out large deposits yourself, if anything needs a deposit get the group to pay you individually. So, if they drop out, they lose money not you.
  • Always charge everyone slightly more than the minimum per person price. Costs can change in some circumstances (eg, if you end up with an odd number at the hotel and need a single room). But, if you have built yourself a buffer into the costs this will save you paying out personally if the group size does change. Don’t worry about having money left over. You can always spend it on drinks or accessories.
  • Confirm all of your bookings by e-mail and make sure you get a reply. Most suppliers will do this for you. If they don’t, e-mail them. Having your booking in writing will avoid any confusion later on.
  • Make a note of important dates. eg,  confirming your group size, paying deposits, pre-ordering meals, giving names for hotels or guest lists.

In short, be organised, stay calm and remember you will rarely be able to please everyone. The whole point of the party is to give the bride/groom the best possible send off so if in doubt… book what you know they will like!

Booking a stag or hen do yourself is a very rewarding experience, you will get the party you want and can make everything very personal. Probably saving some money whilst you are at it.

We would always recommend speaking to some party planning companies before deciding to take the plunge and book things yourself. Some of these guys have so much buying power in certain areas you may even save money and hassle!

We are always here too. Everyone who works at has first hand experience of organising thousands of stag and hen parties. So, if you need any advice, have any questions or just need some reassurance please drop us a line or Ask the Croc!



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