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The Best Birmingham Stag Day!!!

Manchester, Newcastle, London and Edinburgh are the first cities that come to most blokes minds when planning a stag weekend, but Birmingham offers all the excitement of a big city and it has a ton of more outdoorsy type activities to get into as well. In all a Birmingham stag day is one that is certainly going to be full of adventure!

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The Best Stag Day Activities In Birmingham

  • 160 Foot Bungee Jumping
  • Go Karting
  • Paintball

The Most Awesome To The Max (Sorry went a bit 80’s there) Birmingham Stag Day Ideas!

Birmingham has about 83408 different amazing stag day activities, but  here are the top six that the city has for a group of “classy” blokes like you guys.

Paintball give everyone a realistic chance to be on the winning team

160 Feet Bungee Jump

If this does not put some hair on your chest and some stains in your underwear then I do not know what will! 160 Foot Bungee Jump! Just say that out loud! This is a real adrenaline rush and something that is scary as hell at first (I know I was reluctant to have a go) but with your mates cheering you on……. Or you just not wanting to look like a wimp! You will be more willing to have a go. And let me tell you the thrill, rush and fear that all mix together make this one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. Hey at the very worst it’s going to scare you into wanting to drink more!

Go Karting

This is as close as you really can get to being in a racing video game! Go karting is always a popular Birmingham stag day idea as its just all about having fun. It really does not matter what your skill level of driving is when you come here. The track is one of the largest go kart tracks I have ever encountered and is full of different twists, turns and long straights. The karts really do have some power and the speed they go really does take some people by surprise! What is really cool is that if you have a large group then you can be put into teams and have a Le Mans style of race where you need to make driver changes. This is a very fun day out and something your whole stag party will really enjoy.


One of the most popular stag day activities is paintball! This place is just freaking amazing! They offer you the best of the best when it comes to your gun and safety equipment. But what makes a game of paintball here just so damn cool is the different game zones that they have. You have zombies, island paradise, hostage situations and many other types of games to play. This really gets you pumped up and into the game more.  Paintball is the ultimate in stag do entertainment and I can honestly say I have never met a bloke who did not laugh when he shot a mate in the back!

Zombie Target Shooting!

Now this my friends is just god damn amazing! There has been a zombie outbreak! And you and your sniper air riffle are the only thing that can stop the undead leaving the area and infecting the rest of the UK. What are you going to do? Will you cry like a little baby and pray for someone to save your ass? Or will you man up and use your laser scoped riffle to blow their freaking heads off. Clay pigeon shooting is a lot of fun and this takes that concept, mixes it with zombies and it really does make for one of the most fun things I have ever done! No one I know who has done this has had a bad time! This is a perfect Birmingham stag day idea!


Next up I have for you guys something that is a bit more relaxing and a nice way to chill out. A rowing session is a fun activity and here you will learn the right way to do it and not just start paddling around like a maniac. Rowing is just a very calming activity which makes it the kind of thing that is ideal for an early morning activity. And while it is supposed to be more relaxed and chilled out, we all know that you guys will at some point decide to have a race! This is a lot of fun and ideal if you are looking for something that is a bit more laid back during your stag weekend.

Quad Biking is still the most popular Stag activity

Quad Biking

A quad bike trek is one of the most asked about, Birmingham stag day activities. Quad biking is not just about racing. It is more about going on a fun adventure where you can not only put your amazing riding skills to the test, but also see just what these powerful and rugged quad bikes are made of. The terrain that you will be going through ranges from piss easy to you actually pissing your pants trying to get through it, but above all, you guys will be having a great time here….. especially when one of your dumb ass mates loses control and ends up in a ditch!

Check These Other Amazing Birmingham Stag Day Ideas!

Here are even more, fun, crazy and action packed Birmingham stag day activities!

Bubble Football

Even blokes who do not like playing five a side football will love a game of, Bubble Football! While there is a ball, goal posts and who has the most goals at the end of the time is the winner. The actual football becomes almost an afterthought when you boys realise just how much fun it is to slam into each other and send each other rolling around on the floor. The giant inflatable balls that you will be wearing on the top half of your body make it so you can really slam into each other with some force and not have anyone get hurt……….. well maybe pride gets hurt, but that is all part of the fun with a game of Bubble Football.

Birmingham City Stadium Tour

Birmingham City while playing in the 2nd tier of football right now. They do have quite an impressive history and their stadium, St Andrews is a fantastic football stadium that has many of the modern things you would expect from a football stadium, but it does also have an old school feel to it. Many blokes love to go on a stadium tour and learn about the club and the stadium. If you have a spare hour to kill during your Birmingham stag day then this is something I highly recommend. If you do have any football fans in your group then they will think this is awesome!


Next up I have for you something that is a perfect Birmingham stag day activity where you can really spend some quality time with your mates and have a lot of laughs as well. Bowling is always a fun time and it is made even more fun by having more than a few beers and eating tons of unhealthy, but very tasty snacks.  They also have pool tables, arcade machines and in all this is the kind of place that is just tailor made for a “guys night” I have known many stag groups who have had a fun few hours here. So while bowling is not the most obvious stag day idea it is one that is pretty much a guaranteed amazing time!

Off Road Driving

This is about a half an hour drive from the city centre, but this 4x4 off road driving experience is well worth the effort. This is an activity that is dirty, it is loud, it is crazy and its ideal for a group of bad asses who just want to do something really cool during their Birmingham stag weekend! You will have an instructor with you at all times who will offer advice and make sure that you know what the heck you are doing, but it’s up to you and your driving skills to make it through this course and showcase how much of an amazing driver you are. Your sessions will start with you having a few simple obstacles to get through, but by the end you will be tackling huge ass puddles and inclines so steep, you will be praying the damn car does not tip over! This is a lot of fun and your whole stag party will love it!

Getting The Best Out Of Birmingham During Your Stag Weekend!

Here is a guide of all the need to know stuff about a Birmingham stag day……… and none of the boring BS that no one gives a crap about!

Where To Get A Good Breakfast In Birmingham

The reason that I have picked, Centenary Lounge is that they offer one of the largest full English breakfasts I have ever had the pleasure to eat! I swear it was so much it was almost spilling of my plate! So yeah for a nice big breakfast, you cannot beat Centenary Lounge!

A Nice Lunch!

Lunch is a meal where you want to make sure you go to a restaurant that has something for everyone. Well I think the best place is The Bella Italia. This is a chain restaurant, but they offer such a great three course meal at a good price that I think it really is the perfect choice for your stag do. I recommend their double decker peperoni pizza which is amazing!

Getting A Taxi In Birmingham

Crown Cars and  Castle Cars are two of like a million taxi firms in the city. Having so many taxi firms means that no matter how drunk you get, how twisted your ankle is. That there will always be a taxi to take you where you need to go. 

Sport In Birmingham

Birmingham is most certainly a football city. We already mentioned, Birmingham City up above thanks to their awesome stadium tour. But Premier League mainstays,  Aston Villa also play here. 

Is There A Time To Avoid Birmingham?

Well this is a very busy city let me tell you that right away. No matter when you come here, you will be surrounded by people! But really there is not a time when you want to keep away from here or a time when Birmingham is so over packed and busy that it would spoil your stag weekend.

Is There Any Awesome Festivals In Birmingham?

Actually there is! The Comics Festival is really cool and is one of the most popular festivals in the city. They even manage to attract a few celebrities to this thing which is cool. And also you get many fine looking young ladies getting all dressed up in costume to come here. I saw one very sexy looking chick dressed as Poison Ivy!

I Need A Plaster!!!!!!! (A Pharmacy In Birmingham)

Hey it happens to the best of us. You are trying to act like a big man, next thing you know you are on the floor with a fork in your hand. Well you can patch yourself up by heading over to Hyatt Pharmacy!