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The Best Birmingham Hen Day!!!

As one of the largest cities in the UK, a Birmingham hen weekend is going to be a fantastic time! The bride to be will have some really amazing memories from your weekend here. With a great mix of exciting and relaxing activities, Birmingham is a great choice for your hen weekend!

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The Best Hen Day Activities In Birmingham

  • Make Your Own CD
  • Day Spa
  • Cocktail Making Party

The Best Birmingham Hen Day Ideas!

Make sure your Birmingham hen day is amazing by checking out the best of what the city has to offer!

Make Your Own CD

I think that the best hen weekends are the ones that go that extra mile to do something really special. Well that is what you have with is amazing, make your own cd session. Be honest now and admit that when you were a kid you like I did ,had those dreams of being the next pop superstar….. we all did! Well now thanks to this, you can all come together pick from a ton of different songs and lay it down on an actual CD. The really cool thing about this is that you will be doing it in actual recording studio, with a producer and at the end of the session, you each get a CD with your awesome song on it!

Day Spa

The At One Day Spa is the place you ladies want to go when you want to be pampered and treated like princesses during your Birmingham hen weekend. This is a very popular activity in that they offer such a wide range of treatments. Some of you may want to go for just a few of the beauty treatments to make sure you look your hottest for the hen night! They also offer a number of different massages to really relax you and take all the stress away so that you are ready to party at night!

Cocktail Making Party

I have been part of a few, cocktail making parties…….. no I do not have a drinking problem! I do it for work…. Honestly! Anyway this one here at the Island Bar (one of the coolest bars in Birmingham by the way) is one of the best. This is just so much fun and many of your will be very surprised at just how much work and care going into making a nice and tasty cocktail! Your bartender will also make sure you are entertained with some “saucy” stories from their time working behind the bar and also some information on where some of these cocktail recipes come from. And I am sure you are wondering if there is actual drinking and sampling of the cocktails here……. well yes, yes there is!

Pole Dancing

Next I have for you something that really is a great Birmingham hen day idea! Pole dancing is sweeping the nation with more and more women wanting to have a go! And why not, because this is one of the most fun and crazy activities that you can do with your friends. I promise you that while you will be trying to be at your sexiest, you will spend most of the session laughing your rear ends of at each other! The staff here are really fun and will laugh with you, but they will also help you get rid of any “inhibitions” that you have and help you unleash your sexy goddess side……. Which will work wonders in the bedroom when you get home! For a fun couple of hours, you will struggle to beat this.

Grand Prix Go Karting

Go kart racing is something that is very popular with hen groups and that is why I am recommending it for your Birmingham hen weekend! This is a very frantic, fast and fun day out that even the non-drivers in your group will love. The staff here love hen groups and they will ensure that everyone knows how to drive the karts……. Driving well though is all down to you! A huge part of the fun though is watching your friends mess up and even messing up your self is funny. One thing that I love about this place is that they have three different courses that cater to different skill levels. So if you are racing experts then you can try the huge track or if you want to just have a laugh you can tackle the smaller track. 


Now here is a Birmingham hen do idea that will really scare the pants of a few in your group. This is a huge outdoors centre with a really cool wall that you ladies will be abseiling down! This, I will not lie, when you first start can be very scary! But it’s the kind of thing that when you reach the bottom you are just so happy that you pushed yourself and you just want to give yourself a huge pat on the back! Encouraging each other and being there for your friends is a huge part of getting through this, especially for those who are a little scared so you can even look at this a s a trust/team/friendship building type of activity. For you ladies who want your hen weekend to offer something a little different then this I assure you is it!

A Few More Amazing Birmingham Hen Day Ideas!

A city this big has even more fun hen day ideas for you ladies to consider as part of your action packed hen weekend.

Dance Party

Now here is a place that knows how to make sure a hen group has a great time! These guys will put together a dance party like no other! Now this is not a place for just “serious” dancers. This is all about having a good laugh. They have a great range of different parties to pick from. If you have a love for the awesome 80’s dance movies then try the Dirty Dancing or The Fame dance party! If musicals are more your thing then learn the dances to Chicago or Grease! There is just such an amazing choice that no matter what you are into there will be a dance style for you here. 

Bungee Jumping

Now this is a Birmingham hen day idea that is sure to scare the hell out of a few people! Bungee jumping is a weird activity in that the first time you do it, you get a mixture of being terrified and also feeling amazing. I am sure a few of you will need some major encouragement from your friends to make the jump and that is a huge part of what makes this day so special. The setting is actually a huge part of what makes this one of the best places to go bungee jumping in the UK. It is a really picturesque location which does in a small way make taking that first jump a little bit easier. 

Quad Biking

Going on a quad bike trek is something that is becoming one of the more popular hen weekend activities. Here you ladies will get to go on a fun (but not too crazy) quad biking adventure. Once you have been given a quick induction it is time to go on the trek. The “course” has been designed so that there are a few obstacles like bridges, pot holes, twists and turns, but never anything that is going to cause you ladies any major problems. This is a fun activity and a great way to get a little muddy and do something different during your Birmingham hen weekend.

Birmingham Treasure Hunt

Lastly I have for you a cool way to not only do a little bit of sightseeing, but also a way to have a crazy time running around Birmingham like maniacs! This Birmingham Treasure Hunt is just such an awesome time. You ladies will need to solve puzzles in order to unlock the next clue for where you need to go next! And let me tell you there is bound to be a few “puzzles” that will require you to go to a pub!  Some people love to get all dressed up in some crazy outfits when they do this to make the day a little bit more crazy!

A Few Important Things You Need To Know About Birmingham!

Having a Birmingham hen day can be made even more amazing by following my little guide here. You will now know the best places to eat, how to get a cab and in general by reading this your hen weekend will be even better!

Where To Go For Breakfast In Birmingham

For a nice big breakfast that is really going to power you through your Birmingham hen day, you will want to go to The Brass House which offers some huge breakfasts with all the classic stuff like bacon, sausages and eggs. And they also serve up a nice stack of pancakes here as well!

A Nice Big Lunch!

For a fun, tasty and very filling lunch I highly recommend, Buffett Island which is a fantastic Chinese buffet that has just a ton of different food to pick and choose from.  The décor is really cool and actually a meal here will make you feel like you are in the movie Mulan…… but without the dragon and people trying to kill you.

A Good Reliable Birmingham Taxi Firm

One great Birmingham hen day idea is making sure that you know a good taxi firm. No matter if your feet are sore from all the fun activities or if you are a little too tipsy to make it back to the hotel for an afternoon nap! A call to Birmingham Taxis will take care of you. 

What Is A Good Festival In Birmingham?

Well one festival that is pretty cool and funky is the Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival which is three days every summer of the coolest and hippest jazz music.

Where To Go When You Need Hangover Tablets!

If you had too much to drink the night before and your full English breakfast is not getting rid of your hangover then go to Dudley Road Late Night Pharmacy who as I am sure you have guessed by the name are open late to take care of any self-inflicted problems you may have got from your Birmingham hen day!