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The Best Bath Stag Day!!!

I know better than most that when you tell a group of lads that Bath is where they are going for the stag weekend that there will be a few raised eyebrows. But those chumps do not know that Bath is actually a really awesome place that has a ton of stuff to do during your stag day. Here is a guide to all the best stuff that Bath has to offer you guys.

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The Best Stag Day Activities In Bath

  • Paintballing
  • Caving
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

The Top 6 Bath Stag Day Ideas!

That is right the activities listed below are the best of the best when it comes to Bath stag day ideas!


In life there are few things that will bring a smile to your face like shooting a mate with a paintball gun! Paintballing is always a fun time and it is pretty much law by now that a game of paintball has to be part of a Bath stag day! Here you guys will be getting to use some really powerful paintball guns that are sure as hell going to leave a mark! On top of this once you are split into teams, you will be taking part in some of the most over the top and fun paintball scenarios I have ever played! This is one of the best activities that a group of blokes can do!

Caving has to be one of the best experiences in Bath


Next up for your crazy SOB’s I have the adventure of a life time, caving. Caving is kind of like you have been picked to be part of some kind of nature/exploration show. You will be going to the amazing, Cheddar Gorge and there you will be entering and exploring dark, creepy and awesome caves. There is all kinds of cool stuff that you will get to see and actually getting through the cave itself can be quite the challenge, but do not worry as you have a guide with you at all times and you will be given the latest safety equipment. This is the kind of thing that a group of blokes who like a little bit of action should do. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

How about a Bath stag day idea that really does make you feel like a badass? Well that is what I have for you here. A hour or two of clay pigeon shooting is the perfect way for you to pretend you are The Terminator, Rambo or some other action hero. Here you will be learning how to use a shotgun. Your instructor will teach you the proper way to shoot and reload and of course be safe with the gun. Then you get to see who is the greatest clay pigeon shooter in the universe……. Or maybe just within your stag group. This is a lot of fun and your instructor is always on hand to offer a few tips to make you have a better chance of blowing those clay pigeons straight to hell. 

Go Karting

This is about a half hour drive from Bath, but a day Go Kart Racing here is a huge hit with blokes on a Bath stag weekend. You see this is probably as close to competing in a F1 race as you are going to get…… or if that does not float your boat think of this as being in a video game! Go karting is a great laugh and here they have a fantastic track with karts that can go as fast as 50 mph! So you really will be hauling ass around this track! The venue loves stag groups and they can provide a BBQ buffet and they even will give you a print out of everyone’s lap times at the end of the day. 


Archery is a sport that is ideal for a stag weekend as it is something that really does not require any kind of major physical effort.  This is a sport that most people pick up very quickly, now picking it up and being good at it are two different things, but you blokes will have one hell of a fun time trying to score the highest points by smashing that bulls eye. It is always a good idea to have some kind of prize for the guy who gets the highest score! This is the kind of activity you want to do if you want to be outdoors, but do none of that “running about” stuff that hurts your legs and makes your hangover worse.

Roman Tunnel Bath Tour

I know that a few of you let out a groan after reading this, but the Roman Bath Tour is pretty amazing and if you do have any history buffs in your stag party then you will get a huge kick out of this place. It’s crazy how well preserved some of the stuff you will be seeing is and you just know that all those years ago a whole bunch of Roman debauchery went down here! And we all know that during any kind of tour there is always that one idiot who makes stupid noises or asks dumb questions well that could be you, hey this is a stag weekend so why not have a little fun!!!!

Paintballing allows everyone to join in a traditional shoot out.

More Fun Bath Stag Day Ideas!

Six activities not enough for you gents? Well good job I have a few more now then isn’t it!

Quad Biking

Another very popular Bath stag day idea is a couple of hours, quad biking. Quad biking is a top stag do activity in that it is something everyone can do. You will be given a lesson on how to handle these badass quad bikes and then you are going to be taking part in a really awesome, quad bike trek. What I love about this is that the “course” you will be going in is all natural, but there is a ton of stuff that you will have to navigate through like trees, bushes, steep inclines, fast declines, pot holes and huge puzzles as well. The fun here comes from really pushing these quad bikes to their limits as you power through the course…………. And also seeing a mate, lose control and drive into a bush is always funny.

Treasure Hunt

I could tell you guys that this Bath treasure hunt is the perfect way to experience Bath and to be fair it kind of is, but the real fun of this is that, you guys get to use your detective skills to solve puzzles, look at clues and figure out where the hell you need to go! And if you want you can even wear fancy dress. There is no better time to get dressed up like Batman, Dr Who or whoever than when you are taking part in a treasure hunt. You can all work together or be in teams and see who can get to the end the fastest. 

Rock Climbing & Abseiling (Bristol)

I know it’s a short drive away, but this is well worth it I promise you! Rock climbing and abseiling are very popular Bath stag day ideas even though it is based in Bristol. You see this is one of the best climbing centres in the UK. And it does not matter if you have the climbing skills of Spider-Man or if you struggle to climb the stairs! They have a wall to suit you. They have smaller less intimidating one’s for you guys who are new to this and they have this big, monster walls for you guys who want a little more excitement.

Off Road Driving

Now here is a stag day idea that will blow you away! Off Road Driving is a lot of fun and you boys will be putting your driving skills to the test as you are tearing up this off road track! These 4x4’s do not piss around and you boys will be having a great time as you take them through all kinds of terrain that would make a normal car piss its pants! This is the ultimate driving adventure and if want an adrenaline boost or just something that will produce a lot of laughs then this my friends is it!

Best Places To Eat, How To Get Around & Where To Get Patched Up!

Here is a little guide about having a stag day in Bath that is so important I think it actually may be responsible for saving a few lives!

A Nice Place To Eat

For a more, let’s just say elegant dining experience I recommend that you guys go to, Sotto Sotto. This is a very nice and classy place to eat, but the menu is Italian so it means that there is things like pizza and pasta on the menu so while it is classy it is suitable for even fussy, pain in the ass eaters as well. 

Lots Of Food For Your Money

Jimmy's Restaurants offers an awesome all you can eat buffet experience. The buffet is second to none and has pretty much everything you could want! This is perfect for a group of guys as it means there is no complaining about the menu as people can just pick and choose what they want. 

Getting A Taxi In Bath

Walking is for losers, Homer Simpson once said and it’s hard to argue with that. Getting a taxi here is nice and easy as there are a number of different taxi firms, but one of the more reliable and popular ones is, Abbey Taxis.

Any Sporting Events In Bath?

Bath is a rugby city with the team, Bath Rugby playing here. This to be honest is not a huge sporting type of place, but Bath Rugby do play a full fixture list each season so you can go watch them play if you need some sporting action. 

Is There A Bad Time To Go To Bath?

As well as the awesome things you can do another reason a Bath stag weekend is a good idea is that the city, while a tourist town. Is never horribly crowded like some of the other major UK cities. So to be honest there is not really a time when I would say you should avoid Bath.

Best Festival In Bath!

Bath Music Festival happens each may and it celebrates all types of music. It’s not a rocking type of festival like Reading or anything like that, but it’s still a fun and popular occasion that has a fun party atmosphere.

Holy Crap I Busted My Nose (a pharmacy in Bath)

If you do need some bandages or some medicine after a crazy bath stag day activity then do not worry as, Lifestyle Pharmacy has all you need so you can do some kind of Rambo inspired DIY patch up job on yourself.