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The Best Bath Hen Day!!!

While Bath may not be the first or even 23rd place that pops into your mind when planning an action packed and fun hen weekend, but I am here to tell you that this is just an incredible place for your hen weekend and that a Bath hen weekend is going to be an awesome time! So , you ladies keep on reading to see why a hen weekend here is the best idea since sliced bread!

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The Best Hen Day Activities In Bath

  • Spa Day
  • Cocktail Making Master Class
  • Pole Dancing Party!
  • The Best Bath Hen Day Ideas!

After spending some time in Bath (the city not the actual Bath) I have for you the best Bath hen day ideas.

Spa Day

We all want to look and feel  our absolute best for our hen night, well one way to make that a certainty is with a fantastic, relaxing and fun, spa day. This right here is the best spa in the city of Bath and you will feel amazing after a nice deep tissue massage or one of the other relaxation treatments that they offer. They offer a variety of beauty treatments as well to make sure you look your very sexiest! And best of all is the open air pool/tub. We could have literally spent all day in here just soaking away and having a laugh!

Cocktail Making Master Class

I consider myself something of a cocktail expert……. Well I have drank more than my fair share! That is why I am recommending this very fun, cocktail making master class. The idea here is that you ladies will be taught how to make the most delicious cocktail in the world! And of course there will be plenty of chances to sneak in a sip here and these. Having a little competition seeing who can make the nicest cocktail is a lot of fun. The bartender here was awesome! And told us many funny and eye opening tales from his time working in the bar. 

Pole Dancing Party

I have been putting together hen weekends for a while now and one of the most asked about things is a pole dancing party! This is just such a great Bath hen day idea that you ladies would be crazy not to consider it! This is not about turning you into a stripper (although you can if you want!) it is about having a great time with your friends. You will be taught how to work that pole and put on a sexy little dance and you will even be encouraged to add in your own sexy, funny and probably embarrassing moves as well. In all this an activity that really will have you sore from laughing. 

Quad Biking Trek

A hen day is the chance for you ladies to throw all caution to the wind and do something that you would not normally do, something perhaps a little crazy. Well this quad biking trek  is a great way to do something that many of you probably have not done before. Quad biking makes for the perfect “adventure” hen activity because it is just so easy to learn. Once you have done a quick lesson an instructor will lead you on a fun trek around hundreds of acres of all kinds of terrain. There are some really tough parts, but if you want you can just stick to the more “easy” parts of the grounds. This is a very fun activity and it would make for a great hen day experience.

Chocolate Making Class

What is not to love about this amazing bath hen day idea! We all love chocolate and now we have a great way to mix your love with chocolate, being with your friends and having a good laugh. This chocolate making class will see you make the most  delicious chocolate truffles……. Well that is the idea if yours actually turn out good is all dependant on your skills! There is bound to be at least one of you who know what you are doing and will make good chocolates! I am sure you will be sneaking in bites as you are making it. All the memories of you girls messing around in home economics class will come flooding back when you do this!

A Round Of Archery

After a lightning like quick induction, you ladies will be let loose as you try to score the most points in this fun round of archery. Archery is the most popular sport for a hen weekend as it is something that people of all levels of fitness can get into. While this is all about having a good time I have heard of more than a few ladies who get super competitive with this! Just make sure that you have some kind of prize for the lady who gets the high score be it a trophy, bottle of wine or a big bar of chocolate!

A Few Extra Bath Hen Day Ideas!

If those up above just wetted your appetite for an awesome Bath hen weekend then here are a few extra activities that will show you why this is such a great place for your hen party!

Dance Party!

If you wanna dance then I have the place for you to dance !A couple of hours at Bounce Studios is a great way to have a lot of fun during your hen day! The choice that they offer here is just nuts! They offer all kinds of dance parties with each one having its own theme and dances that you will be learning. You can get your 80’s fix with the awesome 80’s Party. If you love Beyoncé then you can have a party based around her biggest hits! The one we did was the “boy bands” dance party where we danced to New Kids On The Block, Take That, East 17 and many more. This is a lot of fun and you ladies can tailor make this activity so it’s perfect for your hen group. 

Cheddar Gorge Caving Adventure

Awe inspiring is the best way to describe your descent into, Cheddar Gorge! This is an adventure that you ladies will be talking about for the rest of your lives! Your caving adventure will see you explore this amazing area and find out all kinds of cool stuff. There are all these creepy and intriguing caverns that really get your mind racing and asking yourself “is there any monsters down here???” this is just a great day out and perfect if you want your Bath hen day to have a little excitement and adventure.

Abseiling & Rock Climbing (Near Bristol)

Yes I know that this is a little drive from Bath, but Avon Gorge is one of the best places in the UK to do Abseiling & Rock Climbing and that is a fact! You ladies will be perfectly safe as there will be guides with you every single step of the way as you climb up Avon Gorge and then make your way back down. This is one of those rare hen day activities where it is very scary and nerve wracking, but at the same time it really does make you feel amazing when you do it. This is the kind of hen day idea that I recommend to you ladies who really want to take a step out of your comfort zones during your hen weekend.

Indoor Go Karting (Bristol)

Team Sport Karting offer the most fun day of go kart racing for a hen party! This is an indoor go karting track that is more about having a fun time than showing off your driving skills! You ladies will be kitted out in some very cool racing gear, given a quick lesson on how the karts work and also be allowed to do a practice lap. This is a lot of fun and no matter if you are a great driver or have never driven before, you will be enjoying your time here. This is a great way to get everyone pumped up and in a great mood for the hen night!

The “Need To Know” Information About A Bath Hen Day!

Here is a guide that will let you know where to eat and other important information about spending your hen do in Bath.

Where To Have Breakfast In Bath

The most amazing place for a good breakfast in Bath is Cafe Retro. They offer a great variety when it comes to their breakfast menu. They offer all kinds of greasy, hangover curing food like bacon, eggs and such. But they also offer things for your sweet tooth like giant pancakes!

A Nice Lunch In Bath

Lunch is an important meal during a hen weekend as it powers you through the afternoon! Nonna's Italian Restaurant offers a really filling and damn tasty menu. They have pretty much everything you would want and expect from an Italian restaurant and a meal here is both classy and very tasty as well.  

A Good Reliable Taxi Firm In Bath

V Cars offer a 24/7 taxi service in and around Bath. There are a few other taxi firms in the city as well so getting around is never going to cause you any problems. 

Is Bath Ever Over Crowded?

I think that while Bath is a popular historical” tourist destination it is never so overcrowded that coming here is a bad experience. I think that this is a city where no matter what time of the year you come here there is never going to be anything that is going to inconvenience your hen weekend.

What Kind Of Festivals Are In Bath?

Bath has a few fun festivals going on during the year. There is the literature festival that is great for you book lovers. Or if you want something a little more fun then you will have an awesome time at  The Party In The City Festival.

What If I Need A Pharmacy?

Well Bath for some weird reason has a large number of pharmacies so no matter what you need, you will be fine here. Widcombe Pharmacy is worth mentioning as its pretty close to the centre of the city which makes it ideal if you need any DIY medical work during your Bath hen weekend.